Mary and Martha

Malaria is the newest subject which will be portrayed on HBO’s “Mary and Martha”. Death will bring these two women together in the newest HBO Film. Mary, an American played by Hilary Swank and Martha, an English woman played by Brenda Blethyn, meet themselves in Africa when they both lose their sons to Malaria. The two characters make their loss a political cause and their goal will be to push the American government in order to provide real help in the fight towards AIDS, a disease which takes the life of about 500.000 children a year.

Hilary Swank is very excited about this film since she finds that topics such as unexpected friendship, loss, life and political causes are very important. She also says that, in her personal life, she totally agrees with the fact of fighting AIDS since it is a preventable disease.  

The movie is based on real-life events from the director who is also responsible for movies as Love Actually and Four Weddings and a Funeral. He is an activist for charitable causes including the fight against malaria and Aids.