Vitalsleep Stop Snoring Mouthpiece Personalized Custom Fit

VitalSleep ReviewAre you looking for specifications about the Vitalsleep Stop Snoring Mouthpiece? Then you are at the right place! To understand how it works, you need to understand why you snore. You snore when the muscles inside your airway relax and collapse obstructing your airway. This obstruction causes the vibrations we hear as snoring sounds. Vital Sleep works pulling your jaw slightly forward preventing muscles to collapse and thus preventing snoring sounds. There is no single negative comment among its users and even dentists and doctors recommend its use as it has become very popular during the last years. It has two special features: You can get it personalized with your own denture at the comfort of your home and you can adjust the lower jaw tray to feel it even more comfortable, as you can loosen it or tighten it.

The method to mold it is very simple, you need to immerse it hot water for a few seconds, take it out and bite it down and then drop it in cold water for a few more seconds. The result is your whole denture printed in the device. To adjust it, you need to use the little hex that comes in the box, you can make increments by one millimeter. It is all very simple, instructions are very detailed and you have also online videos of the official webpage. It is very discreet and it is very soft. The company is currently offering 30 days of free trial and one year of free replacements, buy it now!